Changes ahead?


There have been a late of changes in my professional life over the last two weeks.  My Executive Director unexpectedly resigned, and one of our Administrative Assistants also left to explore other career opportunities.  Furthermore, Matt has his second interview for his DREAM JOB this week on Thursday.  There’s only one catch- this job would mean we need to move to DETROIT.  Yikes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Pistons fan, and I enjoy all the perks that a big city brings, but Detroit- really?!

We bought our home a little over a year ago, and we have many improvements planned for our 125 year-old beast.  I’ve shown you a little glimpse of how much work our house needs, and this is extremely overwhelming to think about.  Not only would I be leaving my job and friends in Grand Rapids, we would also be abandoning many projects we want to tackle at our home.  I would feel cut-off from this amazing labor of love with Matt.

While these are my many hesitations about moving to Detroit, I am forever prayerful.  Whenever I catch myself thinking about it, I pray.  I am lifting it up to Him because He knows where we should be.  And as much as I hate to say it, if Detroit is where we are supposed to be, then Detroit is where we will go.  And really, it could be A LOT worse!  Matt and I are city people.  We could be moving to the country, but instead we may be moving to a bigger city than we are in now.  One of the many things I love about being married is that the two of you are a team- it’s you against the world!  So, if this is where He determines we should be, Team Matt&Jess will take on Detroit together!

When I get anxious or start to steer away from Him during this time, I stop and read these words:

“Why do you worry? What possible use does your worrying serve? You are
aboard such a large ship that you would be unable to steer even if your Captain
placed you at the helm. You would not even be able to adjust the sails, yet you worry as if you were the captain or the helmsman of the vessel. Be quiet, dear soul – God is the Master! Do you think all the commotion and the uproar of this life is evidence that God has left His throne? He has not! His mighty steeds rush furiously ahead, and His chariots are the storms themselves.  But the horses have bridles, and it is God who holds the reins, guiding the chariots as He wills!  Our God Jehovah is still the Master! Believe this and you will have peace.
‘Don’t be afraid’ (Matt. 14:27).”



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