Autumn Stroll


Over the weekend Matt and I took a long walk around our neighborhood with our dog, Zoe.  The weather has been uncharacteristically warm lately and, being Michiganders, we know a long winter is right around the corner.  A warm October weekend is not taken for granted around here!  Our one year anniversary is next weekend, so I’ve been reflecting on the past (almost) one year.  It’s walks like this one that allow us to reconnect with each other, and I savor every step along the way.

Loving the leaves!

So beautiful!

You can almost see this tree changing colors right before your eyes!

A color explosion!

I hope you have time to stop and reflect on the autumn beauty around you.  I will leave you with a verse that I am reminded of as I attempt to absorb His greatness.

Praise you Lord, O my soul

Oh Lord my God, you are very great;

You are clothed with splendor and majesty.

             ~Psalm 104:1


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