Guest Bedroom (part 1)

I hope you are having a great start to your week.  Things have been very busy for me lately, and work continues at the house!  My most recent project is working on one of our guest bedrooms.  This is the bedroom where my mother-in-law, as well as other guests stay when they are in town.  With the holidays fast approaching, I have been working to make this room feel more cozy and warm for our guests.  It’s not complete yet, but here are some pictures of my progress so far!
This is the paint color I purchased for the walls.  Matt is not a fan, but I am in love with grey!

I love this color of grey- classic and chic!

Here you can see the walls of the bedroom BEFORE (I also use this bedroom as my reading area, as you can see)…


more painting….

I know those aren’t many pictures, but there will be more to come shortly!  I am having so much fun seeing this room become a more welcoming space.  It’s nice to see our house transform into a home.  We are hosting our first annual Christmas party in December so we have some motivation to keep working!

I will keep you posted as the bedroom continues to take shape.

God bless!


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