Remember my sneak peek post here?  Well, I’m proud to announce my vanity is ALMOST completely finished!  Unfortunately the drawer pulls have an odd measurement so I had to order them online, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share these pictures with you!  Matt and I also picked up some fun finds at a local antique store today during our search for drawer pulls… a slight distraction but I’m thankful that he enjoys going to antique stores as much as I do.  Ok, I can’t stand the excitement any longer- let’s get to the pictures!

This is Matt’s desk before…

Here is my vanity after (so far)!

Working on this transformation was a learning process for me, but I’m very happy with the (somewhat) finished product.  The mirror was a Salvation Army find for less than $10- LOVE IT!

I continue to emphasize the vanity is not yet complete because it does not have hardware.  This is also why most of the drawers are slightly open in the above pictures.  Otherwise I may not be able to open them again!

Besides the lack of hardware, it’s done.  I even put in shelf paper and transferred all of my beauty supplies to my vanity so I can start using it right away!  A DIY shelf paper tip: use wrapping paper instead.  For some of the drawers, I used red and white wrapping paper and put
double-sided tape down to keep them secure.

I also purchased a roll of fabric shelf protector.  I love how cheery it is!

 I hope my drawer pulls get shipped soon so I can share the REALLY finished product with you.  Oh, and see that wooden chair?  Don’t think I do not have big plans for that too!

As for the antique store finds we brought home today, take a look!

It’s a chalkboard- how fun is that?!  We also picked up this item to store our keys…

Let me know what you think!  I love catching up with you!



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