iPhone dump


Hello hello friends!  I don’t have much to chat about today, but I want to connect with you so I decided to do an iPhone dump (sounds lovely, doesn’t it?) to keep you updated on my many adventures.

Our godson’s first birthday is fast approaching.  He has been the light of our world lately.  I just can’t get enough of this little guy!  He has been crawling everywhere and will be walking any day now.  It’s truly amazing to watch him absorb new information, and Matt and I are so blessed to be a part of this family!   I can’t wait another second without showing him off, so here are some recent pictures of him!

  TJ and his favorite Godfather!  Look at those eyes!

Here I am with TJ, beating the big boys at bowling

Our new favorite date night activity is to head to a scotch and cigar bar downtown.  As you go down the stairs, thick cigar smoke surrounds and seduces you.  They have drinks that are straight out of a James Bond film.  Spend an evening there and you will feel like a member of
the Mad Men cast.

Recently we went on a double date to a Pistons/Miami Heat game.  As predicted, we lost but it was still a fun night.  Here I am before the game, full of hope and optimism for my team.

Below is a picture of my Aunt-in-law’s horse.  She lives on a farm and has horses and will be getting pigs soon- LOVE!  The first time I rode a horse was with her and I am officially hooked.  She says she will call me soon to go on an all day riding trip with her friends.
I am anxiously waiting by my phone.

My Zoe will be 6 on Friday, so I have to include some pictures of her.  I will keep you updated with some pictures of her birthday celebration!

I hope you all have a great week!



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