Good-bye, Grand Rapids



In the great purple room
there was a telephone
and work to resume
and a picture of…
A summer camp in June
And there were lots of pet hairs on a chair

And grants to be written, unwritten, and rewritten
And a view of fishing And sometimes wishing

And a stiletto heel and a “fun wheel” and a bowl full of oatmeal
And a couple of co-workers whispering “hush!”

Good-bye room Good-bye room
Good-bye lunch at noon

Good-bye light and the work to resume
Good-bye pet hairs Good-bye chairs

Good-bye notes written and Good-bye files to be gettin’

Good-bye clocks and good-bye walking around in my socks

Good-bye little office and Good-bye leaving at night exhausted

Good-bye home and Good-bye dust

Good-bye nobody Good-bye oatmeal

And Good-bye to the couple of co-workers whispering “hush!”

Good-bye local stars Good-bye air

Good-bye noises everywhere


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